[English] - Snippet settings not used on update cart ajax

I hope that we can start an English part here, I do not speak Russian, and used google translate a lot to get more info on this modx extra,

I am trying to use Shopkeeper more flexible and on multiple contexts. I see some limitations.
When updating the cart or when you add a product using ajax, shopkeeper only looks if there is a propertyset. I used this snippetcall:


This works on init but not when the basket is updated, then these settings are ignored, maybe these options could be transfered to the ajax call?

You need all the parameters to specify in the Property set (in the admin interface). In template only [[!Shopkeeper3@my_property_set]].

Ok, thank you, I tryed that also but then I see I need to set a setting:" shk3.property_sets " what property set to use for Ajax?

You need set all used Property Sets in the parameter "shk3.property_sets". Then you need set number of Property Set in the cart HTML chunk:

<div class="shop-cart" data-shopcart="1">

1 - first Property Set in the list "shk3.property_sets".
It is necessary to synchronize parameters in Ajax requests.

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